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How To Reset Android Tablet With Broken Screen

how to factory reset android tablet with broken screen

If you are selling your broken screen Android tablet to a shop, you may want to delete all your personal information. This can be content such as videos and images. If you are wondering how you can reset your Android tablet with a broken screen, you will need to get into the recovery menu. You will have to use the volume buttons and the power button to confirm the reset. We have the exact instructions for you to follow to make it easier for you. Since you can't see the information on the screen we have recorded all the steps one by one.

1) Turn off the tablet.

2) Hold the power, volume up and down buttons for a few seconds.

3) This will bring your Android tablet into recovery mode.

4) One most tablets it’s the fourth option down. So, press the down button of the volume four times.

5) Click the power button to select it.

6) Now press the volume button eight times, this will make the tablet go onto the 'Yes delete user data' option.

7) Press the power button again. This will make it select yes. Once you have done that your Android tablet with a broken screen will be reset back to factory settings and all data will be wiped off it.
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