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Do You Need a TV License For Watching SKY Digital Satellite?

Many are aware, if you want to watch Freeview channels on your television, you will require a TV license to operate the equipment. If you are wanting to know what Freeview actually is, its a non subscription service in the UK, that provides over 40 digital channels through your standard terrestrial aerial. But the question today is, do you need a TV license if you are going to watch channels provided by a Sky digital set top box on your television?

Well the answer is yes, you will still require a TV license because you are still receiving television signals from there transmitters, through the satellite dish mounted on your house. According to the government, they say that if you receive any sort of television signals, whether if its Freeview or Sky, you will still require a license. If you don't buy a TV license and you decide to watch Sky channels on your television, the company will eventually find out you are watching it, by using special detections methods to find out those without holding a license, like using their detector van to pick out certain addresses and you will get a knock on your door about why you are receiving television signals and not paying for them. It's an criminal offensive, it can lead you to become prosecuted, you also high likely to go through a court case and can get fined up to £1000. So after all, unless you don't watch TV at all, paying for a TV license is the wise thing that you can do, currently its costs £145.50 for a colour license, so pay for it, well its certainly better than getting caught and paying a fine that can be up to a £1000, which is much more.
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  1. I was not sure at first if you need a license for sky digital. But i see you still require one. Thank you for informing me about this on your website.


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