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How To Hook Up a CB Radio Linear Amplifier For More Transmitting Power

A standard CB radio these days have a dead key output of about 4 watts, 4 watts can't transmit far distances, but it is enough power for local talking to your buddys, if you have the right setup. If you want your voice to be heard to people on CB radios that live really far from the location where you are transmitting with your CB radio, a linear amplifier will be the solution for you. A linear amplifier increases the output transmitting power of your rig, it takes the dead key from output from the CB radio and creates a larger output, to be transmitted through the antenna, to get out more better.

Instructions on how to hook up a CB linear amp:

1)Before hooking up a CB linear amplifier to your CB radio, make sure the swr reading on your antenna is below the 1:5 ratio, anything higher than that amount can damaged the output transistors in the linear amp. Also make sure that the dead key of your Cb radio is no more than 10 watts because most linear amps get damaged if the input dead key is more than 10 watts, as they will overheat.

2)Remove the antenna coax plug from your CB radio, this is by unscrewing it. Place your linear amp close to your rig and then connect the antenna coax plug into the socket called "Output". 

3)Then get a double ended patch lead and connect it to the CB radio and connect the other end into the socket called "Input" on the linear amp. 

4)Once the connections are made, if you have a mobile linear amplifier, connect it to a power supply, red wire into the positive terminal and black wire into the negative terminal. Make sure your power supply can provide the amount of amps that is required for the linear amp, or it won't perform its best.

If the linear amplifier is a home base style, the type that has a built it power supply, then connect the plug into the electrical outlet, switch it on and the switch on the linear amplifier.
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  1. Very helpful, thanks.

  2. hey there just wanted to say that the guage of wire you use will determan the output of your amp.use to small of a wire and you will not reach peak personal rule of thumb is.400v use use 10 guage 500v use to 800v use 8 guage.anything over 800v you should use 4 guage or lower.also when using a linear 800v or lower you might want to concider a 2nd batery.anything over 800v you might want a bigger alternator.500v is plenty anyway

  3. can i hook up a amp for cb to a power supply?
    i have used a car battery in the past but would just like to know... ty

  4. What would happen if I had the coax reversed? ....oops!!

  5. i bought one of these amps BJ200 hooked it up swr was 1.2- 1.4 and as soon as i keyed the mic it smoked and kicked my radio off,i don't think it hurt my radio but have not heard from them about making it right.waited about a month to get it!


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